Our Vision

Revolutionise the way people experience food by providing ready-to-eat gourmet meals crafted with 100% organic ingredients, fostering a healthier and more convenient lifestyle.

Our Mission

  • Ignite a powerful movement that inspires people to embrace organic food, returning to a healthier way of life reminiscent of bygone eras, where everything we consumed was natural and free from harmful chemicals.

  • Give back to the environment and drive towards sustainability, while delighting consumers with ready-to-eat gourmet meals made from organic ingredients.

Our The Process from Cultivation to Consumer

  • Seed Selection: Carefully choose high-quality seeds that are best suited for the desired product and packaging requirements.

  • Crop Cultivation: Cultivate the selected seeds using organic farming methods, ensuring optimal growth and nutrient-rich produce.

  • Harvesting: Harvest the crops at the peak of their freshness to maximize flavor and nutritional value.

  • Sorting and Cleaning: Thoroughly sort and clean the harvested crops to remove any impurities or unwanted materials.

  • Processing: Process the crops using appropriate techniques such as blanching or cooking to achieve the desired texture and preserve nutritional content.

  • Preparation of Retort Pouch: Prepare the retort pouches, ensuring they meet quality standards and are suitable for the intended product.

  • Filling: Fill the prepared pouches with the processed food, taking care to maintain hygiene and accuracy in portioning.

  • Sealing: Seal the filled retort pouches tightly to create an airtight and leak-proof packaging.

  • Retort Sterilization: Subject the sealed pouches to high-temperature sterilization using a retort system, ensuring the elimination of harmful microorganisms.

  • Cooling: Allow the sterilized pouches to cool down gradually, stabilizing the contents and ensuring product safety.

  • Quality Control: Conduct rigorous quality checks to verify the integrity of the sealed pouches, ensuring they meet the required standards.

  • Packaging and Labeling: Package the retort pouches in appropriate cartons or boxes, and apply informative labels with relevant product details and certifications.

  • Storage and Distribution: Store the packaged retort pouches in suitable conditions, maintaining their quality and freshness until distribution to retailers or consumers.


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